7 Signs Your Relationship Will Last Forever

Do you think you are hopelessly in love? Do you feel that you are both inseparable? Do you fight and then fix things immediately? Well if you can relate to these things then chances are that your relationship will last forever. Here are 8 signs that prove it:

7. He teases you by saying mean things.

The closer you get, the more he will make fun of you. You will come dressed and he’d say you look weird or funny. A lot of girls get offended by it but that is a stupid thing to do since these are the little things that make your relationship beautiful. You relationship will last forever if you appreciate the fact that he loves you and jokes with you because he knows that you can take it. If you were so weird looking or if you had a funny appearance, he would have never dated you in the first place.

6. Your romance has ups and downs.

Your relationship will last forever if you don’t impose romance on each other. Phases of romance come and go because as you get to spend more time with each other, you both see more tender sides of each other which frame your words, and hence your romance. Some days, there will be no romance at all, but hey, you should value originality more than anything in this world.

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