7 Signs That You’re Actually In a Pretty Good Relationship

How many times do you look around and see couples in a pretty good relationship? Do you wonder how they go there and what makes them so compatible? However, as beautiful as it may look from the outside, it’s not always the truth.

When you are in a real relationship, a million factors begin to take their toll on you. But a pretty good relationship is one where you withstand all the odds and do not let them affect you. However, on a dark, cold night you might wonder if you’re in a pretty good relationship or not? Here are a few signs to put your relationship in perspective,

7. You Can’t Fathom Life Without Each Other

As redundant and mundane as it may sound but it is true that if you feel that you cannot live a second without your better half. More so, you don’t even want to think of the prospect of being without them. In case you have to travel or you’re spending a few nights at your mom’s place, being away from your other half makes you anxious. This is an evident sign that you’re in a pretty good relationship and you should do all you can to cherish it.

6. Everything Starts With ‘Our’, ‘Us’ Or ‘We’

Whenever you talk about your life goals or the future or any good memory from your pretty good relationship, you never use the word ‘I’. You always refer to everything by saying ‘we’. This is because you don’t consider any happiness, success or pride without your loved one. You don’t believe that you’re a separate entity from them. You rather believe that you are one unit and all success or failures fall on both of you equally.