7 Signs you’re dating an Awkward Girl

Dating an awkward girl means that you need to remain prepared for new challenges 24/7. They will be kay one minute and extremely awkward the next. The world will know a different side to them while you will know a completely person. Here are 8 signs that your girl is extremely awkward:

7. She overthinks.

From the way you sat, to the way you spoke, to the way you held that fork while eating dinner, she notices everything. If she even gets the slightest hint that something was not according to your usual habits, she is going to spend nights panicking and thinking about what could have gone wrong.

6. Unsure about most of the things.

She will never be sure about how she feels and how she feels. She will always feel like you don’t love her and if someone tells her that you do, she will never be able to give a fixed and a proper reply because she just doesn’t know herself. She is just scared of expressing a lot or she has no idea what to say.

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