7 Signs you’re Faking Happiness in Your Relationship


There are two kinds of people who are in relationships. The first kind are genuinely happy because their bond is based on mutual love, respect, care and support. However, for the other kind, it is mostly thunderstorms and rains but they are in it out of some fear. Such people are not only torturing themselves but are also being unfaithful to their partner. How do you know if you’re of the latter kind? Here are a few signs that you’re faking happiness in your relationship:

  1. They irritate you.

You know you are faking happiness when almost everything they do leaves you annoyed. They are just annoying now and it’s not just a few things – almost everything about them is weird and annoying. They instantly turn off your mood and sometimes, you even try to avoid them. However, you continuously tell yourself that you’ve to still be them and fake that everything is normal because you can’t leave them. If they’re this annoying, why are you compromising?