7 Sings that you are in Best Relationship

How many times have you found yourself plucking petals of a flower wondering if you are in an everlasting relationship or not? Sweetheart, the world is full of clues and all you have to do is join all the clues and solves the little puzzle of love. If you are sincere and your heart is all in, you will definitely be able to recognize the ‘everlasting relationship feelings that surround you. However, when in contemplation, you might not be able to realize them. So, we ask you to please lay back a little, clear your mind and start pondering on the following questions with scenarios you can relate to,

8: The Urge To Upgrade

The new dress. The new bag. The new wardrobe. The new skill. The new talent. The new passion. Anything new that you do to make him stay attracted to you is a sign you’re longing for an everlasting relationship. The urge to feel better just for him is an effort he will recognize and appreciate.

7: The Making-Little-Moments-Special

Life isn’t about the big milestones. It is about the beauty in the little things. The grocery shopping. The midnight snacking. Cooking together. Cleaning with each other. If you are a couple who enjoy the little things, you are the couple who’s already in an everlasting relationship.

 6: The Beauty

The fights, love, care, arguments, looks, style, needs, desire, passion and everything under the sun looks like a beautiful painting on a blank canvas. If you feel this beauty exists with you, hold on to it. As tight as possible.