7 things that happen to girls when a relationship is getting real

Oh, the time of your life when your relationship starts to mean more than just a fling! Ah! What an experience. That sudden hit in the moment that s**ts getting real, the butterflies in your stomach, the need to vomit nervousness out of your stomach – the wonders of change.

This is nothing to what happens to a girl’s life when a relationship is getting real. It’s like life just got a multiplier of fast and the furious. A girl’s mind takes the driving seat in a Ferrari and vroom! Off it goes to the la la land. Or perhaps not lalaland. But the land of real relationships.

So what exactly goes on? Here are a few things,

7. Heartbeats Are at 100mph

Go to the doctor and the doctor looks at you in astonishment. You apparently look calm but your heart’s racing like it has to win a marathon! Girls go nuts when they see their relationship has started to mean more than just a friendship. They become nervousness, excited, happy, sad…all at the same time. And this results in a crazy heart condition. So beware before you’re planning to step into a real relationship.

6. Sweaty Palms and Feet

While the nervousness hits her core, her body biologically begins to show signs of a relationship. Obviously, this doesn’t last all her life but the initial few weeks or months are spent with sweaty palms and feet. All kinds of thoughts pertaining to the future of the relationship start looking like they’re staring at you in HD. And you’re just watching. Because at this point, you have less action to do and more thinking to take care of.