7 Things My Second Future Husband Needs to Know

Breaking up after a relationship is hard, but a broken marriage hurts even more. You get accustomed to the idea of spending the rest of your life with this one person and then things fall apart. However, you had courage and you don’t want to spend your life alone so getting married again is not a bad idea at all. However, the future husband of yours needs to know a few things and here they are:

7. I am a more original person now.

You could say that the first marriage made me a more mature person because I learnt a few things from it. However, now I am not a young girl anymore so I will take the blame for wherever I am wrong. I will not rely on you for all my happiness and I will not drain out all your energy. I just want you to love me for who I am – not how I look. I am hoping my future husband will accept me for who I am.

6. Stand with me.

I am going to be a mess at times. I will have a few scars left on my soul, so naturally I will behave oddly. When you see that I am being an emotional wreck, politely come to me and tell me. Don’t get mad at me or don’t scold me – just let me know. Help me if you can. Don’t isolate me. If you can’t fix the scars in my soul, you could at least caress them. As my future husband, just go a little easy on me.

5. Let me support you.

You will need support too. I know that you are a human being too so I am not just going to use you for all the support I can get. Open up to me and share your deepest and darkest secrets with me. I will listen to it all and I will give you all that I have. Know that we both will support and complete each other so isolating each other in times of need would be wrong. As my future husband, I would gladly support and strengthen you.

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