7 Things You Need To Know About Love

Ooh, isn’t love the most beautiful feeling on earth? The love of a parent to the love of your soulmate and everything in between. It feels like a naturally induced state-of-trance that is given by nature to be felt, understood and realized. One simply has to open their eyes and everything they need to know about love will be standing right in front of their eyes.

Love is not seen by the eyes as much as it is felt by the heart. And when you’re in love, every heartbeat you take is like a little ripple in the sea of love. Here are a few things to know about love to open a little window in your heart,

7. Give Love to Getting Love

Remember what the old age saying, “The more sugar you add, the sweeter it gets” Same goes for love. The more you give, the more you get. You cannot sit in a corner and keep expecting someone to give you all you need. You also need to make an effort. You need to take one step forward so your love comes two steps closer.

6.  Commitment Is Key

Being in love means you bring your best foot forward, through and through. The commitment of you mind, body and soul are needed to fulfill all aspects of a relationship. You can’t just step into love and expect everything to flow for you while you take a walk in the park. You need to completely commit to making it work. Or else, chances are that one of you might lose track somewhere in between and that can cause irreparable damage to a relationship.