7 Things to Know When You Have To Hold On To the One

Let’s get one thing straight, in this day and age, if you have found the one – you’re probably amongst the 20% of people who have. So you better know the worth of what you have. And how to hold on to the one you love for a lifetime. Life will only give you lemons, you need to learn the art of making lemonade. So where do you get started? Here are a few baseline rules to keep in mind if you’re thinking to hold on to the one for the rest of the days.

7. Relationships are built on mutual respect

Not just respect in talking to each other and acting a certain way. But the respect of time, money and everything quantifiable (and not) under the sun. It’s about how you respect each other’s choices, decisions, and lifestyles and mold yours to best fit in with each other. And if you want to hold on to the one for the rest of your life, your first step is to learn how to respect them for who they are.

6. Trust Is Your Foundation

When you have to hold on to the one for the rest of your life, you cannot be all creepy, crawly about their life. You have to put a whole lot of trust in them, their life, and their decisions…down to trusting everything they say. You’ll wreck your relationship if you let any kind of doubt come in between.