7 things try not to hold against your boyfriend

Being with someone entails that you accept them the way they are. And not the way you want to see them. Most of the girls like to mold and change their boyfriends’ overtime. But that is not how you develop healthy relationships. If you simply know about the things not to hold against boyfriends, you will be aware that small issues only create massive misunderstandings. And nobody likes being misunderstood.

We have compiled a list of day-to-day things not to hold against boyfriend so it can help you develop your relationship in a healthy manner,  

7. If He Is Incapable To Give You Time

If you know that he genuinely cares and gives you all the time you need but in some phase, he is incapable of doing so, do not make it difficult for him. This is one of those things not to hold against the boyfriend. Because you know that he loves you and life sometimes gets so busy that it gets tough for any man to manage. Put yourself in his shoes and see the situation through his eyes.

6. If He Forgets Your Birthday

For some reason, girls make a hoopla over birthdays. While we know it is an important day but it is not more important than your relationships. It is one of those things not to hold against the boyfriend. If he forgets your birthday, subtly remind him. Just that guilt is enough for him. Don’t make him regret it for a lifetime. For a successful relationship, you have to learn to pick your battles wisely.