7 Things You learn when you’re In Love

Falling in love and getting loved in return is one of the best feelings ever! There’s a different rhythm in the air and you get trapped in some muse. You’re distracted, happy and hopelessly cheesy. Yet these perks are the exclusive trademarks of love so when in love, here are a few things that you will experience.

7. You see them, and them only.

They say when you are upset, you can feel lonely in a room full of people. Yet when you’re in love, everything has the ability to fade out when you’re with them. Their existence is all that matters to you so you feel like the entire room is empty and it is just the two of you. Be it a classroom, or a dance floor or some restaurant – all you see is them and them alone.

6. You expose yourself and still get accepted.

There are certain things about you that you always hide from the world. You don’t share them with your mother, father or even your closest friends. Yet there is something about them and you tell them. You fear that once they get to know about it, they will run away from you, yet they accept your flaws and still choose to love you. When in love, acceptance from your partner can make you undefeatable.

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