7 Things You must know about a Manipulative Boyfriend

You wear your favorite dress to a party and he stays upset the whole time because he thinks you’re ‘showing’ yourself to the world. He doesn’t talk to you for a week after he sees a photo of you with your very good looking colleague can you relate with some of these? If yes then your boyfriend is manipulative and he manipulates you, a lot! Here are a few more signs:

7. He chooses what you wear.

You cannot ever wear what you want to wear. He always has an issue with how you wear clothes. Your clothes are either too short or too revealing. He manipulates you by deciding what he wants to do with your life. Clothes are a very personal preference. We wear what we think we are comfortable in and we should always dress up according to our choice. Whether somebody manipulates you or not, you do what you think is right.

6. He asks you about your guy friends.

He manipulates you by playing the old school card. You cannot even add a new guy on Facebook without his questions. He will ask you about who follows you and who you follow on Instagram. In short, he is insecure and he does not see that he is suffocating you by asking you questions like these. If he cannot trust you or your people then is he really worth a relationship?

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