7 Things You Need to Know if you Love a Writer

Falling in love with a writer is a privilege. They will express their ideas in the most sensitive and beautiful ways. Yet there are certain attributes of their personalities that make them very different from the general public. Here are 10 things that you need to remember if you’re considering loving a writer.

7. They write every day.

People have different ways of expressing themselves. Some express themselves by talking and ranting in front of the people they love, while others use musical instruments. A writer will use their pen to share their thoughts. They probably maintain a blog or write their journal. Loving a writer means that you accept the fact that they will vent out their thoughts every day!

6. They look around for things.

A writer will always be very observant. They will look for little details around them. Similarly, they will be very observant when it comes to you. They will never let go if they feel that there is something different about you and they will want to know what it is. Loving a writer means that you will always be under their observant eye.

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