7 Ways to Make Your Girlfriend Like You Even More

Guys do not openly drop hints many of times. Some guys are way too shy to make a move yet they have feelings for this one girl. That girl seems so perfect and beautiful yet you fear that she doesn’t even know that you exist. Just follow these easy steps mentioned below and she will notice you!

7. Look her in the eye.

If you spot her in your class every day and get very awkward on seeing her then you are doing it all wrong. She will notice you once she knows that you are noticing her. The best way to achieve this by making eye contact with her. This is just to let her know that she has caught your eye in a crowd.

6. Smile confidently.

The next step after making eye contact is a smile. You could do this after you make eye contact with her or you could just catch her around and smile. It doesn’t have to be a giggle or something that shows that you are very nervous. It should be confident. Even a quick smile would do the trick. If she smiles back, you might have just caught her attention!

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