7 Words To Make Your Relationship Work

No matter how much anyone tells you that it is the little things that make your relationship work, it is never enough. Books and book have been written about finding or exploring the formula that can make your relationship work. But when you put 2 and 2 together, it never amounts to absolute 4 in this subject of life.

Let’s just say that when you are trying your ultimate best to make your relationship work with fancy words, expensive gifts and a shower of beautiful things, you miss out on what is real. And does that make you wonder what is real, for real? Real is the tummy belting laughter you share with someone love. Real is the tear of joy when you see him do something successfully. Real is when you hug each other after a long fight.

In order to keep things in check and balance, we’ve got a few words that you need to engrave in stone if you want to make your relationship work,

7. Care

We don’t mean that you break an arm and a leg in cleaning out his closet or ironing his clothes or any of that jazz! While it is a great thing to help around in chores and errands but to make your relationship work, it is necessary to care about the little things. Things like, putting a blanket over him if he doses of sleep unplanned. Charging his phone if he’s forgotten. Or simply getting him a cup of tea to unwind after a long day of work!

6. Caress

No matter how many words you say but a single touch can do wonders in making your relationship work! A little kiss on the cheek to greet him or her when you meet after a few days. Playing with each other’s hair while you watch a movie. Or any little touch can strengthen the bond of a couple.