7Gifts No Woman Wants From Her Boyfriend

Giving a gift to someone can be so nerve wracking and difficult at the same time. And when it’s about your girlfriend, you’ve got to get all your reins together to make sure you make a lasting impression. While some traditional gifts may work such as a watch, a dinner date or something as fancy as a piece of gold, the giving of the gifts is quite a subjective task. It purely depends on who the person is, what they like and what they dislike. Some women might like a thing but perhaps your lady may abhor. So the key to getting the perfect gift is ‘getting to know her enough to get her the right present’.

And of course, your love and loyalty are the most eternal things to ever give a woman.

However, after going around a little and doing a bit of research, we’ve come to conclude that there are a few things that rank top in the list of the ‘worst’ gifts a woman wants from her boyfriend. And they are,

7. Box Of Chocolates and A Teddy Bear

Seriously? If you’re dating anyone above the age of 16 (and we hope you are that old), getting her a teddy bear and thinking that will make you look handsome is a relationship suicide! If you’re intending to look all adult and grown up, please get something that suits her age.

6. Gift Card From The Local Home Store

Does this mean that you’re asking her to actually leave her home, go to the local and get something for herself while you take the mighty place of having paid for it? Oh please, she doesn’t want to be treated like that. Go and make her moment special rather than handing her over a card to go fetch the bone herself.