8 Choices You Should Never Ask Your Boyfriend to Make

Having someone to love and having a person who loves you beyond measures is a beautiful feeling for sure. However, you should never take advantage of that position and force them to do things. Here is a list of 8 things that you should never ask your boyfriend to do:

8. “It’s either going to be you mom or me!”

Any woman, in their right mind, would never ask her boyfriend to do this. Call it courtesy, or common sense, but you should never ask your boyfriend to choose between his mother and you. His mother gave birth to him and she made a lot of sacrifices so that he would become the man he is now. She spent hours mending his broken heart and motivating him to pursue his dreams while you were nowhere near his life.

7. “It’s either your match or me!”

Human beings are allowed to have dreams and passions. They are allowed to pursue whatever they want to because that is what keeps them going forward. So you should never ask your boyfriend to make a choice between his passions and you. If he enjoys watching football, then let him watch a 90-minute game in peace.

6. “It’s either your friends or me!”

Man is a social animal, and thus, we make a lot of friends. If he is giving you time, and wants to hang out with his friends, never ask your boyfriend to choose between you or them. You have a separate place in his life while his friends enjoy certain liberty too. Such choices will strain your relationship.

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