8 Everlasting Relationship Feelings You Must-Know!

How many times have you found yourself plucking petals of a flower wondering if you are in an everlasting relationship or not? Sweetheart, the world is full of clues and all you have to do is join all the clues and solves the little puzzle of love. If you are sincere and your heart is all in, you will definitely be able to recognize the ‘everlasting relationship feelings that surround you. However, when in contemplation, you might not be able to realize them. So, we ask you to please lay back a little, clear your mind and start pondering on the following questions with scenarios you can relate to,

8 Everlasting Relationship Feeling No. 8: The Butterflies

Feel those tickles in your stomach when you hear about seeing him? Those little butterflies that fly you to your little heaven? Yes lady, your game is strong if you feel super excited to see him every day…even after being with him for years now. This feeling of looking forward to seeing him each day of your life is what’s going to make an everlasting relationship.

Everlasting Relationship Feeling No. 7: The Courage

Feeling super lethargic but will still get out of bed to make him a cup of coffee? Had a fight and you’ll still go back to him feeling a little guilty, even if it wasn’t your fault? If these circumstances look familiar to you, yay, you’re most likely in an everlasting relationship. The moment you drop your ego for love is the moment when you win everything in the world.