8 Feelings Everybody should know in a Relationship

How many times have you found yourself plucking petals of a flower wondering if you are in an everlasting relationship or not? Sweetheart, the world is full of clues and all you have to do is join all the clues and solves the little puzzle of love. If you are sincere and your heart is all in, you will definitely be able to recognize the ‘everlasting relationship feelings that surround you. However, when in contemplation, you might not be able to realize them. So, we ask you to please lay back a little, clear your mind and start pondering on the following questions with scenarios you can relate to,

8: The Unconditional Love

When you feel like you’ve lost it all on a rainy day but he finds you with an umbrella and hugs you tight…Do you feel the reassurance that he is the one? When you find him upset and you go up to him with a glass of warm milk to soothe him down – he looks at you and smiles. This feeling of unconditional love is a guarantee of your everlasting relationship.

7: The Going-Out-Of-The-Way

You went shopping with him and he loved this new gaming console. You couldn’t get it because you didn’t have a budget. But in a few moments, you work harder, gather every single penny you can by cutting down on your needs and get him the console. If you can relate to this, then know that you are in an unshakeable everlasting relationship. Because no matter what way the waves go, you will always be there to fight them for him.

 6: The Temper Control

Ugghh. Brrr. Eeee. Clenching teeth. Soaring eyes. Closed fists. Fuming mind. But you have a smile on your face because if he sees you like this, everything will most likely fall apart. And vice versa. If you guys control your temper in sensitive situations, you will most likely get through any lemons life gives you.