8 Marriage Secrets Every Woman Should Know

OMG. Marriage! OMG. Wedding! OMG. Love! OMG! OMG! OMG! Keep calm, it’s just a marriage. While some freak out at the name of marriage, there are just a few marriage secrets that, if kept in mind, can help you a great deal. We’ve all been through cold hands and feet and sweaty palms and what not! But the truth is, marriage is no rocket science. And nothing can be set in stone either. Everyone has to work their way around figuring how to make it work. But to tame your anxiety and give you a kick start, we’ve got a few marriage secrets that you should be aware of,

Marriage Secret #8: It Takes Two Tango

Literally. You can’t clap with both your hands similarly you can’t be the ‘all giver’ or ‘all taken’ in a marriage. For anything to move forward, may it be a small conversation or a difficult decision, you will need to learn how to manage the balance of emotions.

Marriage Secret #7: It Comes With A Bill

Nothing is free in today’s world, girl! But the cost of a marriage is paid less in cash but more in emotions. The bill doesn’t come with a due date but every single moment becomes your deadline. You have to be very calculated about how to take your chances because you don’t want to end paying the price of something you don’t like. Or he doesn’t like. Just like you, he’s got a bill to pay too. Don’t become a liability.