8 Reasons why you should always Love your Girlfriend

5. The One

You just didn’t go up to a random girl and ask her to be your girlfriend right? You probably thought it through. You found something unique in her. When you asked her out, you probably knew exactly where you wanted to take your relationship. Go back to those days. Think about all the reasons why you got together with in the first place. All your thoughts will lead you back into your feeling of her being the one for you. You chose her. And now she is yours. Love your girlfriend for that.

4. She Helps You

Isn’t she the first person you call when you can’t solve a problem of algebra? Or when you can’t decide what to wear? Isn’t her name the first one that pops in your head when you need help for your life? Is it right? She has been so close to you that she knows exactly the perfect potion to help you with anything in your life. She is your beacon of light when everything goes dark. Love your girlfriend for that.