8 Reasons Why We Need Physical Touch in A Relationship

Science has proven that people who have physical touch in a relationship of any kind are more well-connected and have a deeper bond with each other. We are not talking about the world showing public display of affection (PDA) but handshakes, high fives, side hugs et cetera are all forms of physical communication.

Take this theory to people in love. Physical touch in a relationship holds a deeper meaning than anything else in the world. People don’t even call physical touch in a relationship as ‘touch’ but it is broadly talked about as, ‘physical communication’. This is when two bodies interact with each and speak to each other in their own language. It is a communication that is not bound by words but emotions only.

Why do you think you need physical touch in a relationship? Here are a few reasons to get your mind thinking:

8. It Is Comfortable

Just before you start dating someone, you know that you are falling in love with them when physical touch in a relationship is no more a big deal. You begin to get comfortable with it. In another case, if you don’t find physical touch in a relationship, you begin to wonder what’s wrong. This is where two people are most comfortable with each other.

7. It Is A Stress Buster

Needless to say, when the person you love gives you a hug, you instantly feel like all the stress you were carrying on your shoulders has been lifted off you. Physical touch in a relationship is a huge remedy for stressful times. Sometimes all you need is someone to embrace and tell you it is okay.