8 Reasons Why We Need Physical Touch in A Relationship

6. It Is A Form Of Security & Surety

When you are in love, physical touch in a relationship becomes a sign of security and surety. When he holds your hand, you know that you are safe and secure with him. When he kisses your cheek, you know that he’s sure of what he wants.

5. It Is A Way Of Communicating

More than anything, physical touch in a relationship is the biggest form of communication. It is the way two people intertwine and explore each other deeply. When he gives you a simple goodbye kiss without saying a word, you know he’s eager to meet you at the end of the day.

4. It Makes Your Bond Stronger

When two people have physical touch in a relationship, it makes their bond stronger. They begin to rely on each other for everything. Their dependency on each other increase. From being companions of the words, they become companions of their bodies too; winding them into a string of unshakeable love.