8 Reasons Why Nerds are The Cutest Boyfriends

No matter how nerdy a guy is, we all accept that life without them would be hard. They can fix our computers and help us with the hardest technical issues but have you ever imagined one as your boyfriends? Nerds are the cutest boyfriends ever and here are 8 reasons why:

8. He hugs genuinely.

A nerdy guy just doesn’t hug you because he wants to initiate things or because he wants to get laid. When he hugs you, he will put in all his effort and show you that you deserve all the protection in the world. He might not be muscular or very strong, but a hug from that bony guy will probably make you feel more protected than anything else. Nerds are the cutest boyfriends!

7. He follows his interests, religiously.

The best thing about nerdy guys is that they are very passionate. They just don’t declare their interests. They follow them very properly because it becomes a religion for them. If he is a Star Wars fans, then he will never miss their episodes’ marathon and he will never miss a chance to crack a Star Wars joke. This makes nerds the cutest boyfriends.

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