8 Reasons Why Relationships Fail

Do you ever look at two people in perfect harmony and then find them falling apart in a few days? We see a lot of relationships fail around us, and they do come as a shock at a lot of times. Here is a list of 8 reasons that are mostly the cause of failed relationships.

8. They fell in love with someone else.

You might derive the meaning out of this to be someone finding a new person, but this solely means that they thought of the person as someone else. A lot of times, we are attracted to people and we want them to like us, so we present a wrong image of ourselves. Relationships fail once the curtain falls and the real image of the person comes out. Nobody likes fake people.

7. Insecurity.

Being jealous and possessive is often credited as something cute in relationships. However, relationships fail once this possessiveness converts into insecurities. Insecurities lead to trust issues and excessive questioning. Once you feel that your partner doesn’t trust you anymore, you don’t even feel like being with them anymore. Trust is very important.

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