8 relationship things only married women will understand

When a girl is married to a man, she has a lot of fantasies about her relationship. She expects an instant treatment of a queen whereas, in real, it takes a lot of efforts, understanding, and patience to conquer his heart and to actually become his queen. Marrying a guy from a girlfriend is like a journey from becoming a princess to queen. But when you becomes his queen, you need to understand a lot of things about the relationship that only married woman can. Let’s find out what are those:

8. If he is using his phone, it is to relax his mind and not to chat with other girls:


Only a married woman understands that when his man is using his phone, he is doing it to relax his mind after being stressed out from the long hectic day and not to chat with other girls. Girls relax their minds by talking and expressing, whereas guys relax their mind by being quiet and by doing something that gives them peace.

7. That girl is just her friend and nothing’s more:


Possessiveness is a natural factor for the love relationship. When you are in a relation of a girlfriend, you are even more possessive about your guy. What’s changed, that only a married woman understands, that his man is not cheating on her? If he is having any female friends so those are just her friends like others. No girl can take her place.

6. If he is late from work, he was definitely stuck and he is not with lying:


It’s only a married woman who understands that when her guy was late and didn’t respond to his calls or messages, he was stuck with his work and not ignoring her!