8 relationship things only married women will understand

5. He is quite that doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you but he is mentally stressed out:


A true man always loves his wife but it’s not important that he expresses it all the time. It’s wonderful to hear that he loves you but that’s not possible all the time.  Only a married woman understands that if he is not expressing his love, it means he is stressed out, have other thoughts in his mind and have other things to do. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you anymore!

4. If he is going out with his friends, he is not cheating on you, he has a social life too!


A married woman understands it well that if her husband is going out for hangout after his long stressful day, he is going just to release his stress. Guys are more relaxed into friends and they have a social life too just like the girls have!