8 Signs that your Girlfriend is a Real Woman

It is beautiful to see a young girl grow into a woman in her life. But the catch is, age does not define if a girl has matured into a woman. It takes a lot more than age to become a real woman of substance. Experience, conversations, explorations, discovery, intellectual growth…all ladder up into the making of a woman. Have we confused into thinking about your girlfriend? Don’t worry. Here are a few signs to know the profile of who you are dating,

8. A Real Woman Communicates

Unlike the unnecessary drama a girl creates over petty issues, a woman will talk about what’s bothering her. She will know how to speak to you. She will know how to bring up a subject. And she will not only raise a red flag, she will also work towards solving the matter without further problems.

7. A Real Woman Is Modest

When girls grow up, the most important lesson they learn in their lives is learning how to be modest. Modest in the way she lives, talks, eats and most important dresses up. Everything is a part of her presentation and a woman will make sure she comes across a modest one. Girls love to reveal themselves because they think that’s pretty. But a woman knows exactly how much to show and NOT show.