8 Signs He Is Madly In Love With You

He is just existing in your life: making you daydream, loving you and taking care of you. You cannot stop and wonder how you will respond if things are going to progress for you both. Well if you want to know if all this means that he is madly in love with you, here are a few signs for you.

8. He treats you like you’re a celebrity.

They say he is madly in love with you and he cares about you a lot if he brings out the best in you. That is because he sees the good in you and he makes sure that you know it. He tells you that you can move mountains and be the best because nobody understands your potential better than him, and he wants you to reach it.

7. It feels like a dream.

He is madly in love with you if your life suddenly feels like a dream or a page from a fairy tale – or both. He treats you like a queen, loves you and cares for you. He makes sure that he is there for you. He remembers the little details about you and he looks at you with love and respect in his eyes. He is the rock star in your life and he means the world to you.

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