8 signs to know you’re in love with the real man

Relationships are no less than an epic rollercoaster ride. Millions of articles are published and researches are conducted to understand human behavior. And what comes out of it? Nothing. No science can tell you who the real man is, what relationship is a real one et cetera. But your gut and experiences of people can sure help you find or understand what it is like being with a real man.

To make it simpler for you, we’ve got a few points that you’d like to read and gauge the relationship you’re in,

8. 100% Originality Exists with the Real Man

Along with being your true self, it’s also important that you’re completely transparent about who you are, your past, your goals and everything else about you. If you’re with a real man, there should be nothing that you have to hide from. Or even feel the need to be someone else. Many girls spend relationships after relationships trying to be someone they are not. If that’s a cycle you’re in, you surely aren’t with the real man of your life.

7. Shared Experiences Matter

The little things you do together seem like an event to you. From discovering new places to eat to riding the crazy roller coaster for the first time. What matters to you and your real man is the experience you share.