8 Signs Your Marriage is Just a Routine

Marriage is one of the most beautiful relationships in the world. And if you are married to someone you love, life on earth becomes purely heavenly. However, in most cases, after the honeymoon period is over, your life together becomes a routine marriage.

A routine marriage is one where you become habitual of the daily monotony. You know when to wake up, have lunch, hang out, do groceries and everything under the sun. You must be thinking, ‘Isn’t this what life is all about? This cannot be a routine marriage!” So to give you a taste of what we mean, here are 8 signs to know if you’ve fallen in the pit of routine marriage yet – or not!

8. You Are Bored

Do you find yourself sitting idle at some point during the day and wondering, “What To Do Now?” And you don’t even find anything to do. Your husband/wife comes home after being out for hours and you greet them with a simple “Hi!” and not the welcome dance. If this is what your wedded life looks, you’ve taken the turn into a routine marriage.

7. You Don’t Find Fun In Doing Things Together

Doing little things together and finding the way in doing them is what makes married life fun. But if you have begun to think that you’d rather do everything yourself, you are probably starting to feel by yourself. And that means, if not now, but soon you’ll enter the routine marriage phase. Stop here before you enter into a routine marriage.