8 Signs That She Is Now Much More Than a Crush

Probably the best feeling in the world when you find the one you crush on has a crush on you too. That moment when your friend comes in your ear and makes you accept that she is your crush – wow. There is nothing like it. However, it may take you some time to believe that she is your crush but your heart already knows, and it is doing its job.

In no time, you figure out that she is your crush…and something more than that. But how do you know? Here are a few signs we’ve jotted for you, to know she is your crush…and more.

8. Phone conversations have turned to long hangouts

The late night calls, the long conversations after classes and constant texting on the phone that made your thumbs sore has now turned to hangouts. You know she is your crush, and you are going to do everything in your capacity to make sure she accepts you also. So you take her for dinners, lunches, and coffee. And these hangouts become prolonged meetings where you find yourself completely indulged in her beauty. If that is where you are, then she is your crush…and much more.

7. Everything has to be told

From what you wore to what you hated about your day, you have to update her with everything. You consistently make mental notes about what to say her throughout the day. And if you don’t tell her everything and she is your crush, you will feel that you are not honest enough.