8 signs of a happy relationship

There are some people around us to whom we all look up to. They are like the living relationship goals that we mentally set for ourselves. They could be together for 6 months or 60 years but they will still look at each other the way you do when you first fall in love. Here are 10 signs of such a relationship.

1. They prioritize each other.

In the way our lives are running these days, nobody has time. There is work, family, friends and a million other commitments. Despite all this, they always make time each other. From meeting over lunch breaks every alternate day to going out every Saturday, happy couples know how to make time for each other.

2. They give each other space.

It is very amazing to spend time with each other, but sometimes, they both need to be left alone. It might be a girls day out or a guys night out. They give each other space and the power to interact with others. They just don’t sit on each other’s heads all day long.

3.They do not keep things from each other.

Effective communication keeps relationships going. When you don’t keep grudges in heart, you stay happy. No matter what the matter is, they will always talk to each and make things okay. This is because if things don’t expressed for too long, they cause deep rooted resentment.