8 Signs To Prove You’re With A Cheating Boyfriend

Love blinds us all. It not only makes us do silly things but it also blindfolds our capacity to think real. Let’s leave the thought of even thinking we could be with a cheating boyfriend. We get so carried away in love that we blur the lines between reality and fantasy. Our lives get a permanent background score of violins and what not. Everything seems like it has been taken out of heaven. You feel like the king or queen of the world. You feel like you’ve got it all.

And amidst this beautiful fantasy, reality strikes us and we begin to realize that our other half is floating elsewhere. But sssh. This thought is buried deep in our minds to never think again because, oh we’re so in love!

How ironic that while we enjoy the time of our life, in reality, we are being fooled by our cheating boyfriend.

8. He Starts Going To Sleep Early All of a Sudden

You used to talk for hours past midnight and neither of you would have a problem. And all of a sudden, you call him at your time and he has fallen asleep. You make yourself understand a million reasons why he did that. But he turns this into a habit. Even worse, you find his number engaged or turned off. Damn girl, don’t fool yourself. You’re dealing with a cheating boyfriend.

7. He Only ‘Talks’ About Marriage

Marriage is a huge commitment that only an honest person can make and fulfill. Do you find yourselves just ‘talking’ about getting married? Or are there any steps being taken to make it happen? Like family introduction and all? If that is not the case, then you are with a cheating boyfriend and you are only going to get hurt. Snap back to reality and save yourself from getting hurt.