8 Signs that you’re an Excessively Insecure Person

Most of the relationships have a Settler and a Reacher, the way “How I Met Your Mother” puts it. But some relationships have a predominant insecure person that you may never know about yet holds the strong influence on you.

May it be working, living or communicating with an insecure person, any sort of interaction with such a being is highly difficult. If your smart side switches on like a light bulb, you’re probably gotten nailed over an insecure person more than once in your relationship.

To turn your sharp skills on, we’ve got a few signs you need to keep an eye out for, not only for your own good but for the sake of your life!

7. An insecure person is: Constantly Jittery

They’ll buzz like a bee and sting like a Scorpio. They are like Mercury kept at room temperature. If your loved one looks or feels like a vibrator turned on at 100mph, you should know who you are with. This person will never be at ease. An air of constant discomfort will surround him. This air could be an annoyance, frustration or merely inquisitiveness. But with his actions and his words, he will exhibit traits of insecurity. Keep a watch out.

6. An insecure person is: Constantly Asking Questions

Followed by the jittery attitude, he will constantly inquire about something or the other from you. Questions such as,

“Who were you on the phone with?”,

“Where were you last night?”,

“Who are you texting?” and a million others will be at the tip of his tongue to throw at you. This is not because he doesn’t trust you per se. But it is because he doesn’t trust the world AT ALL.