8 Signs You’ve Found Your Mr.perfect

He is just existing in your life: making you daydream, loving you and taking care of you. You cannot stop and wonder how you will respond if things are going to progress for you both. Well if you want to know whether he is your Mr.Perfect or not, here are a few signs for you.

8. You have forgotten your past.

It feels like either the memory is gone or that thinking about any of your previous boyfriend(s) or crush(es) is not just worth it, anymore. If is your Mr.Perfect, he will make you forget all the wrong ones because his love has the power to do so. All those heartbreaks and tears seem crazy now.

7. He’s your sanity pill.

Women tend to be over-thinkers. They have to analyse and evaluate things excessively and obsessively. I tend to derive results and conclusions and end up upsetting myself. Yet with him around, I am reminded of how there is no need to do any of this. He keeps my think real and rational. He is your Mr. Perfect if he does that to you.

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