8 things you do when you are afraid to love

True love is unforeseen. You can fall in love anytime, anywhere. It’s unpredictable. It’s beautiful, but many people are afraid of love. They think it will make them weak and vulnerable. And yes, to some extent it’s true. Your strength becomes your weaknesses when you are in love, and your heart and soul slip out of your hand and captured by the person you are in love. Therefore, to avoid falling into this trap, you may do the following things:

8.You avoid the person you fear to fall in love with:

When you are afraid to love, you try your best to avoid the person whom you are in doubt of falling in love. You prefer to stay at the distance because you fear that charms of that person may poison your heart and soul if you get too close to him. The more you know him, the more they get attracted towards him. It’s natural and unavoidable.

7.Distract yourself with other activities:

When there is a fear of getting infected by the charms of him and the mind starts to get filled with the thoughts of him, you will get yourself busy in other activities. It will help you keeps your mind engaged. Empty mind always makes you think of a person you are afraid to love. Other distractions can help you avoid it.

6.You don’t only look at the brighter but, the darker side:

When you are afraid to love a particular person, you try to find out his darker sides instead of the bright ones. It is challenging because when you are attracted to someone, your eyes see everything positive of that person. But when you are too afraid to love someone, you will try to focus on his bad side and try to find out the weaknesses of him.