8 things a girl will do when she is in love with you

Love is the most beautiful emotion on the earth. It is the strongest bond between two souls. When she is in love with you, you become her favorite song, her dream, and her deepest fantasy. She sees you everywhere, and she feels your presence all the time. 8 things a girl will do when she is in love with you:

8.Smile for no reason when you are around:

Her body language is the best indicator of her affection and feelings for you. She can’t hide her smile when you are around. In fact, her face lit up, and her eyes show all those untold secrets and emotions when she sees your face. That’s when you can tell that she is in love with you.

7.Feeling shy and blushing in your presence:

A girl is shy and blushes in front of the guy she loves. She would want to be around you, but she would feel extremely shy. Her cheeks would flush while talking to you. She is unable to make an eye contact with you and behaves extremely confused when you talk to her. Don’t take her shyness mistaken because she is mad about you.