8 Things Girls Miss the Most about Being Single

It is amazing to have someone in your life and there is no match to the feeling of being loved. However, as a girl you do miss some things about being single. Being single meant total freedom and living alone had its own perks. Here are 8 things that you probably miss the most now:

8. Your own bed.

Being single meant that the bed was all yours! You could sleep in whatever pose you wanted and all the space was yours. Since you have to divide your bed into half now, you probably miss your own space at times. I don’t mean that you start fighting with him now and force him to sleep on the couch at times because hey, you get the total package from a relationship.

7. Whatever food you wanted.

Being single meant that you didn’t really have to cook dinner every night. You could just starve yourself on lazy nights. (Yes, this is not surprising at all!) However, you have another person with you now so you don’t get to do that. You have to ask him what he feels like eating and then argue over it too at times because you don’t feel like eating it that night.

6.When you didn’t have to choose from vacations’ plans

Your friends are planning a trekking trip to the mountains and your boyfriend wants to visit some sunny beach, you are left in the horrible position of making a choice. You will have to ditch one of the two and bear the million consequences. Being single meant that you didn’t really have two choices. (Remember, vacations with your friends all the time made you sad because you wanted a someone special)

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