8 Things That He’ll Text You If He Loves You

People in love do the strangest, most beautiful and loveliest of things ever. And if he loves you direly, he’ll make sure that not a moment passes by where you don’t feel like his queen. In this day and age of technology, communication is just a text away. And when he loves you, he’ll keep telling how much you mean to him, regardless of what of the day it is.

Just a few texts you can expect to receive if he loves you are,

8. A very good morning!

If he loves you, he’ll not let a single day pass where your morning doesn’t start with his wish. You should expect to wake up to his text message wishing you a good day. And when you are in love, nothing is better than waking up to your loved one’s call or message. You instantly know that you are going to have a great day – thank him for the head start 😉

7. Hoping you’re tucked in tight at night!

No matter how long of a day he has had, he will keep your day on priority. And before going to bed at night, he will ensure that you are tucked in tight without a worry. Obviously, he wants you to dream of him because he loves you 😉