8 things you should do, if you want to Get out of a Friend Zone

6. Be Peculiar

The foundation of attraction is in being mysterious. The mystery of man’s personality triggers a woman’s curiosity which will make you challenging for her. In return, she will think about you and want to know more about you. She will develop her interest in you.  Be peculiar and she will be dying to get you out of her friend zone.

5. Offer her to go on date with you

It is the great way to get out of a friend zone by asking her to go out on a date with you. You can go on a lunch or take a walk through the park. Once you will start spending time with her, you will be able to convince her to go out on a date. It might take time but don’t lose hope and try your best. This is the key to getting out of a friend zone and letting her notice and feel your true feelings.

4. Take a step and touch her

The difference between friendship and relationship is the way you touch her. As there are both romantic and platonic ways to touch someone, it is important to know that the boundary is different for different people.

If you are terrified to touch your crush to the extent that you never touched her before, you are missing your chances. To get out of a friend zone, let’s make a move and start by holding her hand. If she will not like it, she will let you know herself. But wait until she makes her first move. Remember! Touching someone means that they have found you attractive.