8 Things you should thank your mother for

Mothers are perhaps the most sacrificing and selfless creation of God. A mother will silently support you all your life and you should never look for reasons to thank your mother. You should always thank God for letting you have her because she makes your life so much simpler.

7. She made you a clean child.

Do you ever remember wearing dirty clothes to school? You probably didn’t because she made sure that you went to school wearing clean clothes. No matter how many stains you put on that shirt, your mom was always there to clean it. You should thank your mom for that because your teachers probably remember you as a clean kid because of her.

6. She cooks for you.

Your mom is perhaps the only person who knows every like and dislike of yours when it comes to food.  She exactly knows how brown you like to have your fried items and how you prefer vanilla over chocolate. She will make your breakfast and then worry over your lunch and dinner. However you can never thank your mother for this because whatever she does is much more than whatever you can be grateful for.

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