8 Things Your Boyfriend Is Scared To Tell You

No matter how honest he can be, you boyfriend will never be blunt enough to upset you. There are some things that he does not like but your boyfriend is scared to tell you. He just wants you to be happy so he will ignore them.

8. He wants to see you smart and fit.

Your boyfriend is scared to tell you that you need to lose those extra pounds, because he doesn’t want to hurt your feelings. It is not about you being imperfect or looking ugly, but he just wants to be with a girl who takes care of herself and doesn’t go around looking un-maintained.

7. He doesn’t want things to slow down.

Be it your mental terms or your physical terms, he just wants that rush. He just always wants things to be going between you guys because he craves you in the most beautiful ways. Your boyfriend is afraid to tell you when he feels that things are slowing down, but it is your job to keep a check on how things are going between you two.

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