8 Types of Couples that are on the edge of destroying their relationship

When you look at some couples, your instant gut feeling tells you that they are going to stick around for a lifetime. And on the other hand, you look at some couples and you know they’re on the verge of destroying their relationship. That is the saddest feeling of all. When you see two people in love but acting like they don’t care – destroying relationships so casually like throwing caution to the wind.

Here are a few types of actions that we’ve combined with reasons why couples are destroying relationships these days,

8. Destroying Relationship By Being Always Online

Technology has adversely affected relationships like nothing else in history. It is a silent killer in the lives of everyday couples. The worst thing you can do is stay online all day long without giving two hoots to your significant other. It just doesn’t work out when you’re texting your friends all day long and putting up pictures on Facebook, Instagram but none of this involves your love. It sucks to be around such a person. This is like a plague that kills any good relationship.

7. Destroying Relationship By Being Negative

When you are surrounded by the media which is so negative at all times, you are bound to absorb this negativity in you too. Or if you are generally negative in your words, thoughts and actions, it’ll automatically start taking a toll on your relationship. So either you change your approach your now or be prepared to become single again.