8 ways to know if you should give him a chance (after breaking up)

If only we knew how life would pan out for all of us, we wouldn’t probably make any mistakes at all. At first, when you get in a relationship with someone, you feel like you’ve made the best choice in the world. But then comes a time and you hate yourself for it. Do you want to give him a chance? That question is not as troubling as ‘Do you want to give him a chance after you guys broke up?’ Ah. Doesn’t that give you a bit of goosebump? Because if it does, you’re probably considering of giving him a chance again. Consciously or subconsciously.

If you can relate to any of the following points, be prepared to accept that you’re willing to give him a chance, the second one. So read on with an open mind,

8. The Decision Was Made In Anger

You guys fought, fought and fought so badly. He screamed at you and you yelled back, storming out of the house, saying you’ll never see each other again. Poof! You broke up. Darling, no decision is a good decision if it’s taken in anger. And now your mind is caught thinking if you should give him a chance.

7. Months Have Passed. You Still Think Of Him

If you haven’t fallen bat shit crazy for someone, you’d probably get over them in a few weeks. But if you’re caught daydreaming about him for months after you broke, you might consider wanting to give him a chance, again. Especially, if everything constantly reminds you of how it was with him.