9 Mistakes Every Woman Makes While Flirting

We tend to make a lot of mistakes since we’re only human but there are certain mistakes every woman makes while flirting. Let’s admit it – men do it so much better, but that’s only because they are far more experienced. With us women, it’s a little different. Here are a few mistakes every woman makes while flirting:

7. Laughing non-stop!

I totally understand that you think he is funny. So every time he cracks a joke, you go crazy laughing. That’s pretty cute too, until he decides to crack lame jokes. If they’re not funny then you don’t have to laugh about them. You can just smile or tell him that it was bad joke because honesty is far more valuable than a fake laugh which is probably reminding him of Joker from the Batman series. Insanely laughing is one of the legendary mistakes every woman makes while she flirts.

6. Faking interest.

He’s going on and on about how Manchester United failed to score a goal while having big strikers and you’re just looking at him in agreement like you understand everything about football. Just don’t look at him like a dog stares at a bone before chewing on it. It’s okay to be interested in some things that he says and it’s okay to be not interested so don’t make that mistake which is a part of my top ten mistakes every woman makes.

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