9 Signs He’s NOT A Cheater

In this tricky world, it is very hard to identify if someone is telling you the truth or not. With every person mastering the art of being a con man, it is hard to believe that he’s not a cheater. Same goes for guys who are in a relationship. One of the hardest things about being a girl is knowing if the guy is honest with you.

While nothing guarantees the accuracy, we have tried to chalk down a few signs which indicate your guy’s intentions:

9. He’s Not A Cheater If He’s Comfortable Talking About Girls

If someone is cheating on you, they will be super nervous to talk to you about anything close to the subject. They will avoid all sorts of conversations that can possibly have a link to their actions. He will get nervous or he will try to swing the topic as soon as he can. In either case, if you closely observe, you will know.

8. He’s Not A Cheater If He’s Secure Of Himself

Guys who are comfortable with who they generally do not go around looking for pleasure. Since he is comfortable with himself, he will definitely be comfortable with you. Hence, he’ll have no reason to cheat on you.

7. He’s Not A Cheater If He Sucks At Lying

If you know your guy very well, you probably also know how good he is with lying. Generally, if he doesn’t lie very much in other affairs, it is highly unlikely for him to lie to you in this matter. General honesty is a sign of an honest lover.