9 signs He is Really into You

Not all the guys are communicative about their feelings. He may feel hesitant to tell the girl that he loves her. He may have so many fears of rejection, insult or unimportance. Those fears always stop him from stepping ahead in proposing her and expressing his love for her. But when a guy is really into you, he will definitely give these 9 signs that he likes you very much and he wants to be with you forever. Those 9 signs are:

9. The way he looks at you:

When the guy is really into you, you can feel it by the look on his face. Every time when your face emerges, the guy has a spark in his eyes and he looks at your face secretly with a passion. He has a smile on his face when he sees you. Unless girls, guys are bolder and love to look at the face of their girls with love and desire. It’s obvious from their eyes.

8. His wants to make you smile:

When a guy is really into you, he may or may not it express verbally to you but he will give you gestures that reveals that he feels for you. He always wants to cheer you. He makes stupid jokes to see your smile and believe it or not, your smile actually makes his day.

7. He prefers you over his friends:

The guy who is really into you never ignores you whenever you are around. He looks at no one else when he looks at you. Even if he is in a bunch of his buddies, he will leave all of them behind to be with you. He finds ways to talk to you. No matter how much busy or occupied he is, you are his first priority among all the other people.