9 signs He is Really into You

6. He texts you to greet you a good day and night:

He may act indifferent in front of you and may not tell you that much he feels for you but he likes to stay connected with you. He may greet you every morning and night to indirectly shows you that he is really into you.

5. He initiates conversations:

He may feel shy to tell you but he is always eager to talk to you. He may start the conversation with you for no reasons. He may discuss stupid, senseless things with you but that’s just because he is really into you and he wants to talk to you all the time.

4. Shows his care for you:

A guy doesn’t always express his love verbally to you but he does it by showing his care and concern for you. He will take care of your small things and needs. He will care for your likings and disliking without even telling you that how much he loves you.