9 Signs that he is not Mature Enough for You

Staying alone is better than being with a mature who is not mature enough for you. Starting a relationship is easy but remain in it until the end is very hard. In teenage, girls like happy, funny and cute boys. But after teenage, all girls want to date a man. Also, their likes and dislikes get change. Turning into a man from a boy isn’t easy, and a great effort is required for it. If you are serious about your relationship, it is critical for you and your partner to be mature enough.

Girls don’t think like boys do. They get worried about their partner, his maturity, and their future. Being a girl, I am too much choosy about everything from selecting my clothes to pick a man I am with. And why wouldn’t I? Choosing someone as your partner is most important as you both have to go through every hardship in your lives together. If you had a crush on someone and later on it grows into love, and both of you (you and your crush) gets into a kind of relationship. As you both start spending time with each other and get to know each other, you realize the similarities and differences in your personalities. If you are a girl as I am with a particular nature and like maturity in a boy while your boyfriend is jolly, cute with a good sense of humor then you will start getting irritated from him. Realizing that he is not mature enough for you would make you feel sad and you would try to compromise to carry on your relationship. But trust me, if you want to stay happy in your future life, you have to bear this pain today at any cost. If he is not mature enough for you and doesn’t get serious when you ask him about your (his and yours) future, it inevitably means has not thought of it ever.

9. He will avoid conversation about future

Whenever you start talking about future, he tries to change the topic, and every time your conversation ends without any proper answer.

8. He always want to hang up even when you don’t feel like going outside

He doesn’t understand when you don’t feel like going out, or you are sick and always force you to hang out with him. This shows his immaturity that he don’t realize the problem you are into.